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Quickticket's are a Northern Ireland Based company with bags of character and creative hard working minds just itching to make your event unique and special in some way!


Whatever market your in, what ever budget you got, just drop us a message we will be glad to help.


We've been providing ticketing services to a wide range of clients from completely different markets and we understand that transparent pricing structures and support are key to building and maintaining a relationship with our clients.


Below are a few of the reasons why many clients choose us as their ticketing partner of choice. Please visit our Clients page to find out what our clients say about us, or get in touch and we will be happy to discuss what you're looking to achieve and how we can work together to help you get there.


• We like to help all our clients to get the very best value and return on investment from online ticketing.


• A modular product, ensuring that you get a solution with the exact functionality that you need.


• A scalable solution, enabling you to add new features as your needs develop and change.

• A friendly, knowledgeable and responsive support team on hand whenever you need us.


• All upgrades deployed are included free for life, so you have the peace of mind of operating a system that will never date!


• Manage your online (including mobile), phone-based and ticket desk sales all in one place, providing an easy, proven method for managing your ticket sales through multiple channels.


• As a hosted, 'cloud-based' solution, we manage the hosting requirements, data security, backup and firewalls leaving you free to focus on your business.


• Benefit from our experience of conversion optimisation which is the process of maximising the ratio of converting casual website browsers into paying customers.


• Quickticket's is a customisable ticketing solution, so the ticket purchasing process is designed to match your website. If you change your website, we'll re-design the ticketing system to match!


• There's no limit on the type and volume of tickets that you can sell online; all manageable by yourselves with no reliance on a third party.


Manage and sell tickets


    Online Ticket Store                                                                                          v


    Calendar list view for events

    You can view the list of events in a calendar view if you have more than 3 performances for a particular event.


    Shopping Cart

    Quickticket’s one-stop shopping cart allows your customers to add multiple events to their carts until they are ready to Check Out so customers can purchase multiple items in a single transaction.


    Account history

    Your customers can view the entire history of all their past transactions that they have made.


    Presenter Logo

    We will upload your company's logo in the header to brand your Online Ticket Store. If you do not have a logo, you also have the option to customize your header with text.


    Customized FAQ’s

    Create your customized FAQ’s section to clear your customers doubts regarding the event.


    Virtual Box Office                                                                                             v


    Calendar view on Box Office

    View all your events for a particular month at one glance with the help of the calendar view at the home of your box-office.


    Assign user permissions

    We can assign unique permissions for each users to scan apps or view reports.


    Event Promotions                                                                                             v


    Social media

    Broadcast your events on various social media platforms and increase your event visibility through our social media integration tool.



    Quickly import your customer list into your Mailchimp contact list with our MailChimp integration tool.


    Discounts                                                                                                           v


    Attract more customers and make your event  successful by adding our different type of discounts such as early purchase discounts, Group discounts and promo codes.


    Surcharge & Taxes                                                                                           v


    You can add surcharges and taxes to your ticket face value to cover the costs involved in running your event and also to imply to the legal government policies.


    Reports                                                                                                              v


    Quickticket's reports give you detailed information about your customers, your events, and most importantly, your success. Quickticket's provides different reports like Quick stat report, transaction report, tax reconciliation report, cash flow reconciliation report, event summary report, attendee details and customer list reports


    e-Ticket                                                                                                             v


    Sponsored ads

    Quickticket's understand the importance of sponsors for you, and because of that, we offer presenters a designated space on each e-Ticket for displaying sponsors ads of their choice.


    Upcoming events

    Quickticket's gives you an opportunity to advertise upcoming events on your own Quicketicket's e-Tickets.



    Display your company logo on the header of the e-Ticket to increase branding.


    Customized TC's

    Display specific event related important messages and conditions on your e-Ticket.


    Mobile Apps                                                                                                      v


    Quick Scan App

    Use your android phones and IOS devices to scan your customers event tickets.


    Report App (IOS)

    Quickticket's Reports App provides you a flexible and comfortable way to track your ticket sales report, daily sales report, revenue you earned and many more.


    International Presence                                                                                    v



    Providing the ability to sell event tickets in local currencies is one of the many ways we strive to support event presenters around the globe.


    Donations                                                                                                           v


    With Quickticket's donation feature, allow your customers to donate money to your cause directly through your online ticket store and through your box-office


    Payment Methods                                                                                             v


    Quickticket's has multiple ticket delivery options like, Email, Print and Will Call / Pick Up and also provides the flexibility to choose from multiple payment methods.


    Reserved Seating                                                                                            v


    Manage and sell tickets with our Reserved Seating Wizard. Create your own seating map and customize it!  We usually do this for our customers, but its at your finger tips if you want to DIY.

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