Quicktickets complies with PCI data security requirements by passing a Security MetricsĀ® Site Certification vulnerability scan.

Quicktickets is tested quarterly to ensure that high security standards are maintained, which significantly reduces the risk that credit card data will be compromised. As an added security measure, Quicktickets does not store any credit card numbers.

Quicktickets employs a cross-functional team responsible for oversight of PCI Compliance.

Quicktickets takes reasonable steps to protect Personal User Data from unauthorized access and misuse.

Quicktickets may disclose Personal User Data if required by law to investigate fraud or misuse of Quicktickets; or to ensure public safety or the safety of a User.

Quicktickets will not sell Personal User Data or Electronic Payment Data to third parties.

Connection to Quicktickets is encrypted and authenticated SHA 256-bit encryption.

If you have any questions about Yapsody Security and safety Guide, Feel free to contact our Support Centre at info@quicktickets.ie

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