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Please review the following Privacy Policy that sets forth how QUICKTICKTS collects and uses User Data and other information. By using QUICKTICKTS, you agree to the policies set forth below and in QUICKTICKTS’s Terms of Use.

Please refer to QUICKTICKTS terms of use for definitions of capitalized terms appearing in this Privacy Policy.


User Data Collection by QUICKTICKTS

QUICKTICKTS may collect User Data from Users while interacting with or using QUICKTICKTS in any manner including, without limitation, while registering with QUICKTICKTS; engaging in contact with QUICKTICKTS or a Seller (e.g., via email); purchasing Merchandise on QUICKTICKTS whether from QUICKTICKTS or a Seller; and paying for services provided by QUICKTICKTS or a Seller via Electronic Payment or otherwise.

QUICKTICKTS may collect Electronic Payment Data as necessary to facilitate Electronic Payment Transactions whether involving a Seller’s Online Store or otherwise. Electronic Payment Data will not be shared with other Users (including Sellers) or third-parties except for applicable Payment Gateways for the sole purposes of processing Electronic Payment Transactions. In such cases, the Electronic Payment Data shall be collected by QUICKTICKTS upon “check-out” at time of payment and shall be securely transmitted via the respective Payment Gateway’s API and in accordance with said Payment Gateway’s prescribed procedures. Any Electronic Payment Data collected in connection with a Transaction involving Seller Merchandise will be done so by QUICKTICKTS and transmitted to the Seller’s selected Payment Gateway on behalf of the Seller as the merchant of record. QUICKTICKTS shall in no case directly provide seller with access to Electronic Payment Data.

QUICKTICKTS does not store Electronic Payment Data provided in connection with a Transaction except for the last approximately 4 characters of any financial account provided by a User for making Electronic Payments. Such information may be provided to an applicable Seller for identification and sales reconciliation purposes only.

QUICKTICKTS may collect Non-Personal User Data. Such Data may be collected passively through digital means, by requesting it from the User, or from third parties who collect the data independently. Non-Personal User Data cannot and shall not be used to identify Users.

User Data Collection by Sellers

Sellers are authorized to collect Personal User Data and Non-Personal User Data at their discretion in connection with a Seller’s Online Store. Any such Data provided in connection therewith may be available to the respective Seller and to that extent outside the control of QUICKTICKTS. QUICKTICKTS may also make such Data available to a particular Seller with respect to Users who have engaged in Transactions involving that Seller’s Merchandise. Alternatively, Sellers are not authorized to collect Electronic Payment Data in connection with a Seller’s Online Store. User’s should refrain from providing any Electronic Payment Data via a Seller’s Online Store or in any correspondence with a Seller except at the point of “check-out” at time of payment. Users are instructed to inform QUICKTICKTS in the event that an attempt to collect Electronic Payment Data has occurred other than upon “check-out” at time of payment. QUICKTICKTS shall not be responsible for any injuries or damages that may occur as a result of a User providing Electronic Payment Data other than as prescribed hereunder.

Use of User Data

Generally speaking, except as otherwise set forth hereunder, QUICKTICKTS uses Personal User Data and Electronic Payment Data for the purpose for which it was provided. For example, if a User contacts QUICKTICKTS, QUICKTICKTS will use any User Data provided in said correspondence to effectively respond to the User. Similarly, if a User provides Electronic Payment Data in connection with a Transaction, QUICKTICKTS will user such Data to facilitate payment for the Transaction.

QUICKTICKTS may use any Personal User Data internally as follows: for improving the Software, the Content, and QUICKTICKTS’s offerings; for protecting QUICKTICKTS and its Users against fraud; for managing Users’ accounts; to contact Users or display Content for marketing and advertising purposes, including to inform Users of events that may be of interest to them; to contact Users to inform them about issues related to their QUICKTICKTS accounts and transactions

Because Non-Personal User Data cannot be used to personally identify Users, QUICKTICKTS may use such Data for any lawful purpose, which includes sharing such data with third parties.

If QUICKTICKTS intends to use any User Data in any other manner, the applicable Users will be provided advanced notice thereof or the applicable Users’ consent will be obtained.

Sharing of User Data

QUICKTICKTS will not sell Personal User Data or Electronic Payment Data to third parties. QUICKTICKTS will not disclose or share Electronic Payment Data with third parties other than Payment Gateways as described herein. However, QUICKTICKTS may disclose or share Personal User Data with the following third parties, who shall be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy to the extent legally permitted: the recipients of a transfer of QUICKTICKTS’s assets in connection with a corporate sale, merger, dissolution or similar event; subsidiaries or affiliates of QUICKTICKTS; and attorneys, agents, and consultants performing business functions for or on behalf of QUICKTICKTS.

QUICKTICKTS may also disclose or share Personal User Data with Sellers with whom a User has transacted Merchandise. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, such Seller’s shall not be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy. It is recommended that Users review the policies of such Sellers before providing Personal User Data. QUICKTICKTS shall not be responsible for the actions of such Sellers.

QUICKTICKTS may receive certain Personal User Data (e.g., user names, locations, profile information, friends lists) via third-party services like Twitter and Facebook when connected to such services via QUICKTICKTS. QUICKTICKTS may store and use such User Data in connection with QUICKTICKTS’s functionality and share such User Data with such third-party services.

QUICKTICKTS may disclose Personal User Data if required by law (e.g., in response to a subpoena), to protect and defend QUICKTICKTS’s rights; to defend against legal liability; to investigate fraud or misuse of QUICKTICKTS; or to ensure public safety or the safety of a User.

Unsolicited User Data

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, this Privacy Policy shall not apply to any unsolicited User Data provided by a User via QUICKTICKTS or data posted to any public areas of QUICKTICKTS. All unsolicited User Data shall be deemed to be non-confidential and QUICKTICKTS shall be free to exploit it without limitation.


QUICKTICKTS does not knowingly collect Personal User Data from children under the age of 13. Users under the age of 13 must not submit any Personal User Data to QUICKTICKTS. If someone believes that a child under the age of 13 has provided Personal User Data to QUICKTICKTS, please notify QUICKTICKTS support so that such Personal User Data can be deleted from QUICKTICKTS’s database.

Links to Third-Party Websites

This Privacy Policy does not apply to third-party websites that are not owned or operated by QUICKTICKTS or its parent company, despite the fact that links to such third-party websites may appear on QUICKTICKTS. Users should contact those sites directly for information on their privacy policies.

User Data Retention

QUICKTICKTS may retain a User’s Personal User Data as long as that User continues to use QUICKTICKTS. Even after a User stops using QUICKTICKTS and/or closes his/her QUICKTICKTS account, QUICKTICKTS may nevertheless retain Personal User Data as permitted or required under applicable law. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a User’s Personal User Data may be archived on QUICKTICKTS system backups for an indefinite period of time.


When accessing QUICKTICKTS, Users may have "cookies" placed on their browsers to help QUICKTICKTS analyze usage in order to improve its products and services and to provide tailored content (including advertising) and functionality (such as ability to use the Box Office without having to continuously reenter a password). Some cookies may be programmed to last for a single session while others may be programmed to last for a particular period of time. While QUICKTICKTS recommends that Users leave cookies turned on, Users nevertheless have the option to manage how “cookies” are handled through browser's option settings.


Users can "opt out" of receiving QUICKTICKTS marketing emails by clicking the unsubscribe link in marketing emails received from QUICKTICKTS. However, Users cannot opt out of non-marketing, informational emails about a User’s account or a User’s transactions or emails containing updates about QUICKTICKTS unless User contacts QUICKTICKTS support with a request to that effect AND terminates his/her QUICKTICKTS account. Even after User opts out of all communications, QUICKTICKTS will continue to store User’s Personal User Data and Non-Personal User Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. In the case of emails sent by Sellers to Users with whom a Seller has transacted Merchandise, such emails are not sent through QUICKTICKTS. Consequently, Users wishing to opt out of such emails must do so directly with the Seller or the email system that the Seller is using to send such emails.


QUICKTICKTS takes reasonable steps to protect Personal User Data from unauthorized access and misuse. However, Internet and email transmission are not completely secure. QUICKTICKTS recommends that USERS not send sensitive information to QUICKTICKTS via email or disclose such information via the Internet. User Data is stored on servers located in the United States. Users accessing QUICKTICKTS from outside the United States should be aware that all User Data is handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy and United States privacy laws, which may be different than the privacy laws in other countries.


User’s use of QUICKTICKTS shall be deemed acknowledgement of, and agreement to, this Privacy Policy and any updates or modifications thereof that QUICKTICKTS may post from time to time at its sole discretion with or without notice. It is User’s responsibility to periodically check for modifications whenever using QUICKTICKTS (especially before providing Personal Data) as such modifications shall govern a User’s continued use of QUICKTICKTS. User shall refrain from said use in the event that User does not agree to any portion of the Privacy Policy.


All questions, concerns, and complaints related to the Privacy Policy can be directed to QUICKTICKTS’s support team via its support page.



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